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If you are just starting your product development, or working on your MVP (minimal viable product), you can use our free plans to develop, test and integrate. we are here to make sure you get the most out of the platform and establish a working flow as soon as possible.


Getting a new product out can take time. improving during pre-launch stages is critical in order to reach a successful launch with a great product. that is why we provide a fully functional back-end for you at a minimal cost, for as long as you need.


Your product is ready? lets roll out! you are not alone. we are here to support and answer all your needs. we'll run the back-end as smooth as possible, so you can keep your eyes on the business itself. move to our launch plan and get great features for a great price - all within the same platform.

Coriunder/Coriander user management

Users SDK

A great user management is designed to facilitate the sign up process and the entire life-cycle of the users in the system.
All aspects of users’ profiles are included.
You can design your own action triggers and marketing needs using a scalable database structure..

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Ecommerce SDK

With our full ecommerce SDK you will be able to integrate all of your products into any web or mobile app in a matter of minutes.
Sync your inventory between apps and interfaces so your clients will always know what is relevant.
With our native SDKs, for both Android and IOS, all your apps will have full access to all of the data they need.

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Coriunder/Coriander ecommerce
Coriunder/Coriander balance

Balance SDK

Managing balance for your users has never been easier. Secured money transfer too. We support both real currency linked to a bank account (or credit card) and virtual currency such as miles/stars etc. We enable currency exchange and multiple balances per user, to give you the options to combine it all under the same functionality.

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Management Portal

Building a startup means you need to keep a close eye on both users and merchants. Every aspect of user management can be performed from within the administration screens. Same goes for merchants processing information. This type of data is part of your business core, therefore it should be kept right near your services without needing to integrate 3rd party solutions.

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Coriunder/Coriander pci

Secured Development

Driving a good business comes with a great responsibility. For your customers, for your partners, for yourself. There are no shortcuts to be made in building a secure robust solution to support ecommerce. We teamed up with experts in this eld to make sure you sleep well at night, knowing your operation is secured on all sides.

Dev Zone

We have a feature-rich platform, but you will never get lost in it. a detailed knowledge sharing resource is always at your fingertips. with fast search, code samples per service, and screenshots - you will master the APIs in no time. questions are constantly shared on our FAQ page, and our support team will be happy to assist you whenever you may need.

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