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Payments oriented user management


A great user management is designed to facilitate the sign up process and the entire life-cycle of the users in the system.
All aspects of users’ profiles are included.
You can design your own action triggers and marketing needs using a scalable database structure.


Monetization is the fuel keeping your business going.
Set payment flows for subscription services, get advertisement revenues, share commissions with your affiliates – it’s all part of our processing feature.
Getting the right banking partner to believe and support your venture is not an easy task. Let alone getting one that will keep your margins high with lower fees.
We are making lower banking fees accessible to startup from day one. We’ll provide you with a fare rate even before you turn your business into the next “Unicorn”.


Driving a good business comes with a great responsibility.
For your customers, for your partners, for yourself.
There are no shortcuts to be made in building a secure robust solution to support ecommerce. We teamed up with experts in this field to make sure you sleep well at night, knowing your operation is secured on all sides.
With a 10-years track record of analyzing transactions and user behavior, we incorporated our insights into every element of the platform.


You can connect and manage multiple applications based on a single gateway platform.
We provide you with a centralized interface to control each app id and its related database.
Separation is enforced by using tokens per app, so there is no mistake which ow is assigned to each of your solutions.


Either if your business is all about digital goods, services or tangibles delivery – we got the inventory module set up for you.
Accompanied by customizable shops for web and mobile apps. You get the end-to-end management for the products you provide: stock, expose, sell, deliver and get paid.


Growing the users-base requires connections person-to-person.
Allowing users to interact with friends and family, or working better with their colleagues, we help them bring their connections from the real world into your app.
We designed the “Relations” to be easily created and managed, both for the users and for the system administrators.

Make your life easier with our full stack SDK
start building your dream app

Coriunder/Coriander users


Our platforms share its unique capabilities with some of the major financial players in the market. That is why we are PCI level-1 certified.
It’s a mandatory requirement we base our technology on, validate our daily operations by and plan our great future features according to.
By working with our system you will be able to obtain your own PCI certification and keep your business secured.

Coriunder/Coriander balance


Managing balance for your users has never been easier.
Secured money transfer too. We support both real currency linked to a bank account (or credit card) and virtual currency such as miles/stars etc.
We enable currency exchange and multiple balances per user, to give you the options to combine it all under the same functionality.

Coriunder/Coriander ecommerce


With our full ecommerce SDK you will be able to integrate all of your products into any web or mobile app in a matter of minutes.
Sync your inventory between apps and interfaces so your clients will always know what is relevant.
With our native SDKs, for both Android and IOS, all your apps will have full access to all of the data they need.


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